CyPhaCon costume organizations share tips on costume making

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - CyPhaCon costume organizations from all over including Louisiana and Texas shared their tips on what exactly makes a good character costume. Enthusiasts say costumes play a big role when attending conventions. Daniel Kim of Fort Worth, Texas is the president and CEO of Alchemy Arms, an online costume, props and memorabilia shop that caters to character costume making. Kim says putting effort into a costume goes a long way.

"Fans will, basically overtime, get better and better costumes and invest more and more money and time into it," said Kim. "They actually learn some really good skills like sewing and how to do manufacturing, forming, heat forming, you know, things like that."

CyPhaCon enthusiasts say costumes play a big role when attending conventions.

KPLC's Monica Grimaldo asked costume organizations, who were at this year's CyPhaCon recruiting new members and promoting the event, just how much a good costume cost. CEO of the Rebel Legion costume organization Keith Casella says they specialize in making costumes from the Star Wars series and says costumes can run you in the thousands, which include cost of fabric, accessories and labor.

"Kits can run you about $1,000," said Casella. "One you put all your little accents and everything on it, you may be looking at $1,500 to $2,000."

Both Casella and Kim say that it's not about the costume itself, it's about the person behind it.

"What makes a good costume is love," said Casella. "I mean putting it together, it shows."

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