LSU Spring Game highlights one true freshman

LSU Spring Game

On a gloomy day in Tiger Stadium, the one thing that shined the brightest in the Purple and Gold game was true freshman Quarterback Brandon Harris...throwing for 195 yards and 3 touchdowns....and adding even more fuel to an already hot QB battle with Sophomore Anthony Jennings.

"He's awesome man, he put everything on the money, he has a great arm, he has to develop, he's going to get better, he works really hard, just as all the quarterbacks do, and he had a great game today, he was just putting everything on the money, just where he wanted it."

"He's been doing that all spring, and it wasn't a surprise to any of us. He throws a great ball, he runs the ball, well and he's a smart guy, so I didn't expect anything less from him."

And while Harris dazzled the crowd, the purple and gold game left fans with a lot to be desired...that in the form of the 2014 recruiting class...that includes the #1 recruit in the nation Leonard Fournette along with Lake Charles Trey Quinn and Jacory Washington.

"just watching them play, and coming up to the practices, it's hard just watching them grind while we still have to wait, we're still in high school. But, our time's coming. Hopefully in the summertime we'll put all the work in that we missed out on."

"I miss football so much, I'd love to be out there right now. I'm enjoying high school, but enrolling early would have been something fun."

But for will have to wait and hope Harris' performance today, is a forecast of things to come for this class of 2014