Lake Charles woman asks for help after losing $800 during storm

Lake Charles woman asks for help after losing $800 during storm

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Along with the storms, it was literally raining money.

A woman said the storms cost her $800.

"I put my money in my purse and then I got out and I ran and I had an umbrella so I ran, when I got in the house I realized that my money was gone," said Tasha Celestine.

Paying bills was the only item on Celestine's agenda.

"I do need that money for my son, for groceries, and to keep a roof over his head," said Celestine. "That's a lot of money and it was all of my utility bill and car note put together."

But with the morning storms, Celestine said the $800 blew out of her purse at Oak Creek apartments.

"I was thinking how am I going to pay these bills, so my first thought was just fear," said Celestine. "I was scared."

Celestine said her biggest concern is the endless possibilities that her money could be anywhere.

And with busy Nelson Road neighboring the apartments, Celestine said the eight different bills could be in eight different places.

"Me and my father looked for a good hour and a half you know we were soaking wet, it was raining, and we were looking but we had no luck," said Celestine.

Celestine said she's now asking for help and hopes her $800 find its way back.

"It's the right thing to do you know, and sometimes the right thing to do isn't always easy, it's easy to do the wrong thing," said Celestine.

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