McNeese Radio moves forward with construction

McNeese radio station moves forward with construction

McNeese has grown and accomplished so many things in its 75 years but for the first time in the school's history it's going to have a radio station that broadcasts on FM and it's planning on hitting the airwaves this May.

Construction finally got underway in March for McNeese's first ever FM radio station after getting the go ahead to begin building explained Interim General Manager Chad Thibodeaux.

"We received our construction permit and president Williams thought it would be a great project for McNeese to take on and involve the community along with the students and staff at McNeese."

The future of the station's success definitely resides with students and staff just to make sure it will function on a daily basis says Thibodeaux.

"What we hope to see on any given day are McNeese staff and students working together with community volunteers and we hope that- that collaboration is what will be helping the day to day operations of the station and ensuring its success."

But what kind of stuff will you to hear when you tune into KBYS?

"We'll play oldies ranging from the 60s up to the 90s and beyond and once again we receive feedback from the community we'll change and grow." Says Thibodeaux.

But that's not the only thing that KBYS hopes to broadcast.

"We do plan on broadcasting sports in the future once we get enough volunteer base. We'll have live events in the studio and the possibilities are just endless at this point."

Having the station will be just another way to highlight how McNeese continues to grow.

"KBYS will be Louisiana's first community university radio station. Which makes us unique throughout the state."

To keep up with the update to for the McNeese radio station you can visit their website.

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