City of Lake Charles to disinfect water lines

(Source: WikiCommons)
(Source: WikiCommons)

The City of Lake Charles has announced that it will change the disinfection process of the city's water system from chloramines to free chlorine, in order to reduce biofilm and nitrification in the lines.

Flushing of the system will begin April 28 and last about 60 days. The purpose of the flushing is to remove sediments in the system.

During this time, many residents may experience a loss in water pressure or temporary water odor or discoloration.

The City of Lake Charles released the following statement in a news release regarding the flushing:

"In most cases, the water should clear up shortly with the customer flushing their lines for several minutes. In case of severe or lingering discolored water, customers can call the City's Water Quality Department during regular business hours at 491-1598 or 491-1554. After hours complaints should be reported to the Water Division 24 hour line at 491-1483."

Local customers who use tap water for kidney dialysis are urged to consult their doctor regarding any changes they may need to make.

Local customers who use tap water for aquariums should use de-chlorinating agents to neutralize ammonia and free chlorine in the lines.

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