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I wanna know: intersection signs

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In this edition of I Wanna Know, KPLC's Theresa Schmidt looks at a sign issue at a Lake Charles intersection. One local woman is worried that the confusing signage could get someone killed.

"I wanna know why this intersection has such poor signage: Chavanne Street at Ryan Street," said Rayna Shawa. "The sign just has a right arrow and says the word 'only' where it should have 'no left turn' and possibly some soft bumpers where people will know."

"There's been several 'almost' accidents, and there actually has been a fatality here in 2005," said Shawa.

Shawa says there is a lot of pedestrian traffic in the area, especially among elderly persons. In just 30 minutes or so of watching, you're likely to see at lease a few drivers who make a left turn at the intersection despite the sign.

"On a daily basis, I go to this intersection probably four or five times, and I see 2 or 3 times a day, on my own, I see cars making an illegal left turn here. I think another pedestrian fatality could happen here," said Shawa.

Shawa says she would like to see the signage improved and with increased enforcement by police.

State highway officials say that although Chavanne is a city street, the state controls traffic movement in the area, because Ryan St. is a state highway.

A spokesman says that they will make sure nothing obstructs the signs or hinders drivers from seeing them, but if people are making illegal turns, it's a law enforcement issue.

Lake Charles Police Deputy Chief Mark Kraus says they will put an officer at Chavanne to monitor the situation and go from there. Kraus says that whenever they see at traffic violation, they stop the offender and take whatever action they deem appropriate.

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