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Pedestrian safety concern in Moss Bluff

Lots of folks walk to improve their health.   But it seems as though pedestrians are often struck by vehicles in Southwest Louisiana. A Moss Bluff woman wants to raise public awareness of the danger.

In areas with no sidewalks or road shoulder, walking or jogging is dangerous, especially in poor light.  Lisa Talbot of Moss Bluff says there have been some narrow misses in her neighborhood.

"There's been several times that we've come close to hitting some of these walkers in our neighborhood.  We have joggers that run at night and they don't wear the appropriate clothing. They don't wear the appropriate attire.  They have no reflection on them.  I have numerous friends in this area who have made comments how they almost hit someone themselves," said Talbot.

Lisa is not only a driver.  She walks too and is constantly vigilant. In the middle of the day many residential streets are empty, but Lisa says, after people get off work,  vehicle and pedestrian traffic increases tremendously. 

"Around five o'clock this becomes a track.  I mean you'll be surprised at how many people are in this neighborhood walking.  I think unfortunately because Moss Bluff has no sidewalks," said Talbot.

One way to be safe is to wear a reflective vest,  but most people don't. Talbot's boyfriend bought her one to help keep her safe.

"You can do everything you can to be safe.  Wear the protective clothing and when a vehicle is approaching be aware and get out of the road," said Talbot.

Talbot expects the problem to get worse as the area grows.  If nothing else, she hopes to promote more public awareness and save lives. 

 James McGee with the Calcasieu Sheriff's office says pedestrians are supposed to walk against traffic so it's easier for them to jump out of the way of an oncoming vehicle.

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