Louisiana Connections Academy proves there's more than one way to learn

Louisiana Connections Academy shows alternative to traditional learning

With everything going high-tech these days it's no wonder that education is also going high-tech and now Louisiana students have a virtual option when it comes to public education which shows brick and mortar schools aren't the only way to learn.

For those students who are enrolled in Louisiana Connections Academy having an alternative option is very real and it's completely free.

"That's the wonderful thing about it, is that everything is tuition free. So, the parents are not required to pay an fees, there's no hidden fees the students are able to attend tuition free." Says Shelly Centanni the Marketing and Parent Outreach Coordinator for Louisiana Connections Academy.

Those that are doing the teaching for Louisiana Connections Academy are completely qualified to teach state level requirements as most of the teachers either already have a master's degree in their field or are pursuing a master's degree.

"It's an online public charter school servicing k-12 across the state of Louisiana. We are state certified through the Louisiana state board of education for elementary and secondary schools. All of our teachers are highly qualified - certified to teach here in Louisiana."

Those students who do enroll in the Louisiana Connections Academy do so for a number of different reasons such as having a chronic illness or some that are pursuing other goals.

"We have students that are pursuing careers in acting and musicians and sports that flexibility. We're able to put them on a track to finish in three years instead of four and then we have students that want to learn from home and just want to have that family time and the flexibility to pursue other things that they wouldn't be allowed to do in a traditional school."

Those who are a part of Louisiana Connections Academy have options whether they plan to go on to a university or a trade school.

"In their junior and senior year they're able to enroll in local technical colleges and purse skills that they're interested in. we also are able to connect students that are on four year colleges around their communities where they can start college credit before they even get out of high school."

After students complete their time with Louisiana Connections Academy there's an actual graduation ceremony.

"There able to walk across the stage in a cap and gown in front of family and friends. They do receive a state diploma from the state of Louisiana, it's not a G.E.D or an alternate certificate."

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