Motorcyclists raise money to help incarcerated women

Motorcyclists raise money for incarcerated women
(Source: MGN Online)
(Source: MGN Online)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Motorcyclists in Southwest Louisiana came together all for a good cause.

It's the 5th annual Chili Hogs Ride. Rhonda Lewis watched motorcyclists take off to support the organization that gave her a second chance.

"I was incarcerated at Calcasieu Correctional Center for eight months and I just started going to the classes," said Lewis. "They have a list of classes and I started going to the Open Door's classes."

Open Door's mission is to restore hope to incarcerated women and recently released women through different programs like mentoring, goal setting, and financial classes.

"We're a resource center for them and it's just very rewarding to work with these ladies and see the progress that they make," said Open Door President, Linda Brown.

And for Lewis, the support from Open Door volunteers is making her transition easier.

"I go and do my community service and that pays for my fees," said Lewis. "She picks me up if I don't have a ride to go and she picks me up on Sundays to go to church with her."

But at this fundraiser, it's motorcyclists that are giving back.

"You know these women have been incarcerated for awhile and it's hard if you've ever been in prison to just come back into civilian life," said motorcyclist Jeff Ledoux.

Open Door organizers said this fundraiser is helping women create new lives.

"I would either still be incarcerated or I wouldn't have the groundwork I have now," said Tami Baker.

And helping support Open Door is helping Open Door help those like Lewis, making this a true cycle.

"They care," said Lewis. "They care about you and they want to give you a chance to make it when you get out."

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