Vendors benefit from Live at the Lakefront

Vendors benefit from Live at the Lakefront

This evening's Live at the Lakefront was the last of the season and there was a slight change of plans as thing were moved indoors because of the rain threat.

Even though the festivities were moved indoors that didn't stop lake area residents from coming out and enjoying Live at the Lakefront.

"…probably a little bit more than rain drizzle to keeps us from coming out tonight to see good music like this and share everything with the community. " Says attendee Eric Richard.

That's what a lot of people came for and the more people that come out the better for the vendors at Live at the Lakefront.

"I love the Lake Charles area anyway because we have at least five or six festival every couple of months. so yeah this is great for business and the locals are great they love the artists." Says Charles McGlynn of

Business is so good that he wishes Live at the Lakefront could go on even long than three weeks.

"I wish it went for two months, because everybody comes out and you can see everybody having such a good time."

It's not hard to attract artists of all kinds to a venue that gets so many people to come out.

"I mean just getting out here and you know a lot of the other places I vend, the vending fees are kind of exorbitant and so this was so reasonable to come to and vend at that I was thrilled to. I jumped at the opportunity, she kind of set me up with it and was like yeah absolutely. let's do this."  Says Heather Saucier of Laydee Bugg Designs.

But it's not just artists there are also plenty of restaurants that benefit. Like one of the newest restaurants in town Tasterite Jamican Restaurant.

"This is our first year at Lakefront, but we're liking it. It's a good event we like it. it helps business a lot, it helped to boost us and it help people to come out and look for us at our location, because we just opened for three months now."  Says co-owner Daemion Bailey.

It seems like Live at the Lakefront will be something that will continue to grow and be appreciated by all especially the vendors.

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