Forum held Thursday for Sulphur Mayor candidates

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - It could be one of the most hotly contested races on next month's ballot. And tonight, all four candidates for Sulphur Mayor answered questions at a candidate forum.

All four candidates attended Thursday's forum which drew in a large crowd of Sulphur residents.

As the moderator asked each of the four questions Thursday evening, the packed room full of attendees listened closely.

Each candidate answered the same question, one after the other, about infrastructure and roads for the upcoming growth of the city to clean up of properties.

But the one question many in Sulphur want answered is how they will deal with the ongoing water line problems. Each responded.

"We started replacing all the water mains in the old Maplewood area then we went in the Woodland Terrace area and now we're working in the old downtown Sulphur area replacing the mains. It's an ongoing process that's going to take years to replace all the water mains. Its allocating monies every year in our budget," said Mayor Chris Duncan one of the candidates running for Sulphur Mayor.

Clopha Boudreaux added, "Of course what we know now about the type of pipes we use, we need to get away from galvanized pipes and other issues like that so I can definitely take care of water."

Ron LeLeux says, "In the other cities of Sulphur we have older water lines so we have to deal with that and you have to be very creative with your resources to make that happen and we'll work continuously to do that."

"We can go ahead and start replacing some of them as we can; money's a big factor in everything in the city. We just need to keep going, keep everything flowing, keep it in the pipes as much as we can, it's just going to be an ongoing thing," said Mike Koonce.

After candidates answered their questions, they each gave a three minute closing remark.

The election is April 5th and early voting ends Saturday.

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