Port of Lake Charles interested in Boardwalk property

Port of Lake Charles interested in Boardwalk property

While the plans for the Mardi Gras Boardwalk are far from gone it's definitely caught a snag or two along the way and the Port of Lake Charles has shown interest in getting some of the lake front land developed says Executive Director for the Port Bill Rase.

"You know we've expressed some interest a couple of years ago I guess it was that we would like to take a shot at some of the development along the lake front and we think it's very vital to the community that that gets developed."

So port officials believe that getting something started will help to jump start the development of that area.

"Our office building that is due to bid on in June of this year. So, we kind of felt that might become part of an anchor or at least show some development along the lake front area."

But how do some of the lake area residents feel about the idea? For some it's either boardwalk or bust.

"Anything there would be good, but as far as making the boardwalk a completion I think that's a really good idea, man.

That's what I'm going for." Says area resident Michael Bruney.

"I think that the boardwalk would be a better use of it, because not everyone can offices and other things like that. Everyone will be able to use the boardwalk." Says area resident Sarah Parsons.

But still for other it's about getting something started.

"The boardwalk seems to be stumbling and just to have empty space is not good with the revitalization of the downtown section. So I feel that if there's going to be construction let them go ahead and do it for the port." Says area resident Pat Bulber.

The future of the lake front property is still unknown, but the city will sit down with the port of Lake Charles to hear what its proposal is in the near future.

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