Vinton acquires new land, ready to develop

VINTON, LA (KPLC) - In the small town of Vinton, there aren't many options for things to do. Mayor Kenneth Stinson has a plan to change that.

"When you give people more choices in town, they're going to shop in town and do things in town and that can only help our sales tax base and all the different ways that the city can benefit economically from that" said Mayor Stinson.

The town recently acquired new property -- a near 12-acre lot -- which Stinson says is already attracting attention.

"There's a lot of interest and everything that's coming to the area you know Vinton is going to have it's share of growth and we want to have some economic development" Stinson said.

Four acres have already been contracted and without giving too much away too soon, Stinson hopes the developers will be the first of many.

"The developer is doing some due diligence to get their project developed but it's a national, fast-food restaurant and national retail chain so we're really hoping that happens" Stinson said.

The town wants to be proactive with creating roads and water and sewer lines and other infrastructure so that when business do decide they want to come to Vinton, the town is ready too.

"If you have a road there, a nice road, and you have all the infrastructure available, then if somebody wants to come and move in tomorrow, then they can do that and get their plans together and we can go ahead and get started" Stinson added.

Now the owners of the land, the town has complete control over renting, leasing or selling parts of the property.  Their primary goal; to get business here sooner, rather than later.

"I would think that in the next 12 months you'll be able to see quite a bit of activity going on out there," Stinson said.

Stinson tells 7News the next immediate steps will be contracting a surveyor and leveling the land which are the first steps in bringing more business developers.

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