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Your Week in Viral Videos: Superman 'goes pro' and dogs hate magic

Superman takes the scenic route to return a man's GoPro camera. (Source: CorridorDigital/YouTube) Superman takes the scenic route to return a man's GoPro camera. (Source: CorridorDigital/YouTube)

(RNN) – A debate over who is better between Batman and Superman raged on these pages earlier this week.

Then, up in the sky, came proof Superman is superior.

A group of people going by the name Corridor Digital went to great lengths to create a video of what it would be like if Superman found your GoPro camera and returned it to you. Of course, he had to fight crime, save a woman from a burning building and do a little sightseeing first.

You'll never see a video like this for Batman. Just sayin'.

I'd like to buy a miracle

With $45,000 resting on his ability to guess a couple of words at random with no clues whatsoever, Emil came through with one of the best Wheel of Fortune blind guesses ever when he just mindlessly said "New Baby Buggy."

All he knew was most of the first word and that it was "a thing." But is it really a thing? Who says baby buggy? Is that the same thing as a stroller? Why not just say stroller?

It sounds like Wheel of Fortune was making something up to keep the contestants from winning. They should have to pay double.

The importance of staying hydrated

If you've ever watched a survival show, you know that they are obsessed with water. Every week is just one hour-long search for a place to get water, something to hold the water in and a way to get all the nasty things that will make you sick out of the water.

There's a good reason for it, and it is that you need water to survive. Did you know you lose water from breathing? Your brain is shrinking with every breath you take.

The same people who put this video together also explained why people get excited watching sports about a month ago. There's a big sporting event tournament whoop-de-doo going on right now, so it may explain why usually sane people are acting like fools because some school they've never heard of beat some school they previously thought was good.

Nuns rock

Forget that this is in Italian. The stunned facial expressions of the judges in Italy's version of The Voice is all you need to see.

At first, they aren't sure the pretty sounds are as pretty as they think they are. Then, one by one, the judges turn around in acceptance that she is for real.

Then, one by one, they discover the angelic singing could be genuinely angelic … because it's coming from a nun.

Animal of the week

Humans get perplexed by magic all the time. How some random dude knew we were thinking about the four of clubs is beyond our understanding.

But we just accept that he's a wizard performing some ancient sorcery that will condemn him to Hell for all of eternity and eat some ice cream and forget about it.

Dogs, however, get deeply hurt. You show the dog the treat, let him smell the treat, put it in your hand, extend your hand to him and then … it's gone.

Where did it go? Where is my treat? What did you do? Do you know what he did? Why would you do this to me? BARK!

More stuff for when you're bored

It is officially baseball season thanks to a couple of games being played today in Sydney, Australia. In a weird time zone anomaly, the Diamondbacks and Dodgers played a night game and then a day game Down Under, but the games are actually on the same day in the U.S., with first pitch going off at 4 a.m. and 10 p.m. Eastern. According to this time lapse video, it took more than a week to turn the Sydney Cricket Ground into a viable baseball venue.

If you think clowns are the only things that can comically fit themselves into small spaces, you don't know much about Basset hounds (Basset clowns?).

Remember that robotic AOL voice that serenaded you with "Welcome, you've got mail?" Well, that voice belongs to a real life dude, though he suspiciously doesn't sound like his digital doppelganger.

A sick zookeeper was visited by his giraffe friends in a video that's been racking up hits left and right. The only reason it's buried way down here is because you've probably already seen it.

Two puppies really want to play with a cat. A cat really doesn't care.

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