Common Core's PARCC test comes under scrutiny

Common Core's PARCC test comes under scrutiny

It's called the partnership for assessment of readiness for college and careers, also known as PARCC and students are preparing for the pilot PARCC test right now.

It's an online test with the goal of keeping each state that participates on a similar level.

But with Bobby Jindal's recent announcement saying he does not support "one size fits all" testing it's leaving school districts wondering what to do next. The nationwide test has taken its toll on Calcasieu educators says Teri Johnson president of Calcasieu Federation of Teachers.

"We've lost a lot of good teachers. they're leaving because learning is not fun anymore."

Now Calcasieu Parish school board officials like Wayne Savoy Calcasieu Parish Superintendent are backing up Jindal's statement.

"We're very capable in Louisiana of setting those standards and the communities with in Louisiana are very capable of being at the table and doing the right thing."

The student's performance on the exam does determines a portion of a teacher's evaluation and some say the pressure is just too much and Johnson agrees.

"I know McNeese is suffering and other colleges are suffering, because people aren't going into education anymore."

But even with concerns Calcasieu students will still take the upcoming pilot PARCC test.

Savoy says he chose to participate in the pilot to work out technology glitches now, so students can have a fair opportunity on the official test.

But he says administrators are looking at other options if the state does back out of the exam or common core all together.

"What folks want is a real logical approach to where the standards can be obtained and teachers effectiveness can be adequately measured."

Teri Johnson president of the Calcasieu's teacher association says she thinks students should not participate in this year's field testing for PARCC which is exactly what Jeff Davis parish school board has now decided to do.

Testing for Calcasieu students is next week.

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