What's Going Around: lice, stomach bug, strep throat

What's Going Around: lice, stomach bug, strep throat

A creepy, crawly insect is nesting on children's heads, there is no end in sight for a stomach virus and more cases of a highly contagious illness: that is what's going around this week in Southwest Louisiana.

As the school year winds down, parents need to stay on guard about the second most contagious condition in schools, itchy head lice.  Dr. Melissa Rasberry with Imperial Health Urgent Care Clinic says, "Kids oftentimes come in with itching. Sometimes they can get a little rash around their head or ears or face. We usually just treat it with topical creams and shampoos."

The stomach bug that has been sickening children and adults for the past four weeks continues to bring them into local medical clinics.  At this point, some of them are struggling with dehydration after several days of being sick.  "They're coming in with a couple day history of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea," said Dr. Rasberry, "a lot of times, these things resolve on their own, but a lot of the patients we're seeing after a few days are very dehydrated requiring IV fluid."

If you are noticing a sore throat mixed in with fever, that could be a sign that you have strep throat.  "It's oftentimes school-aged children and they come in with fevers, sore throat, sometimes nausea and vomiting," said Dr. Rasberry.

If strep throat is suspected, a swab will be taken and sent to the lab for confirmation. A patient will also be given antibiotics because they will be contagious for the next 24 hours.  If you are feeling sick, take it easy and continue to wash your hands frequently.

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