Time capsule to be opened April 17

A 25-year-old time capsule will be opened in Sulphur on April 17, 2014, as part of the city's Centennial Celebration. Threatening weather conditions delayed the opening originally set for March 16.

In April 1989, the City of Sulphur had just wrapped up a number of 75th Anniversary activities, like a parade, old timers day and storytelling. They gathered at the Brimstone Museum to seal a time capsule that would be opened in 25 years. Dennis Sumpter was mayor then.

"The idea of the time capsule, of course, is to give people in the future an idea of what it was in the past," said Sumpter. "Basically a form of communication with those in the future. Of course, I never expected to be around when we opened it."

Glenn Williams was chairman of the event and is seen on the video standing right behind the mayor at the presentation.

"That's why we designed a capsule to put some items into, so could look back and see what happened 25 years ago," said Williams. "Most of us didn't even know that we may be here in those 25 years. We really enjoyed putting some items inside there."

I was there at the event with my camcorder and shot the occasion. I asked if they wanted to include video I had shot earlier of 75th anniversary events.

"We have a videotape of everything that's taken place up until today, that will go into the capsule so that people in 2014 can look at what we've done, if they can find a video player that will play the tape," said Sumpter at the time.

With the opening of the old time capsule on April 17 at noon at Lewis Auditorium, a new one will be filled by Sulphur residents.

The new time capsule will be part of a new wall being designed for Heritage Square.

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