Local streaming radio station plays exclusively Louisiana musicians

Louisiana indie radio is the only station around that plays exclusively artists with Louisiana ties, but you're not going to find the station channel surfing in your car, but you will find it at the tip of your fingers.

"It's a station that plays only bands from Louisiana and that's produced here."

That's Louisiana Indie Radio founder Chad Moreno talking about the only radio station that plays exclusively unsigned Louisiana artists. Moreno says that the stations plays a little bit of everything.

"I'd say the majority is pop and rock, but we do have some R&B, some country. There's even some Cajun on there so it's a good variety."

musicians from all over the state get to have their music play on Louisiana Indie Radio, says Moreno.

"We have a good bit of bands from around the state that have submitted music. I think we're covering every major city in the state now."

But you won't find this station on your radio dial, because it's an online streaming radio station that can be played through your computer, but there's also a mobile app so you can play it on the go.

With increased exposure for unsigned artists Louisiana indie radio provides a home for musicians who may not fit neatly into one genre of music.

"We're not making the kind of music that gets played on commercial radio." "We're a little too rock and roll for country radio and we're a little to country for rock and roll radio."

Says lead singer Charles Lyons and lead guitarists Chris Kershaw of the band Sinners whose music is featured on the station.

So for the local band "sinners" who's still trying to get the word out about their music Louisiana Indie Radio is a helpful tool says Lyons and Kershaw.

"It's an opportunity to get your music out there to a crowd that maybe it wouldn't have gotten out to before." "And just to have a link to be able to share with anybody that can click a mouse is a really nice tool to have."

So if you want to check out some Louisiana talent and support local it's just one click away and it's always on.

"It's 24/7 we play songs in rotation all hours of the day, it's listenable from anywhere in the world."

To get in contact with Louisiana Indie Radio follow this link http://louisianaindieradio.com/

To check the band Sinners indiegogo page follow this link http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sinners-present-dog-hill

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