'Chicken Whisperer' visits lake area to talk about backyard poultry

'Chicken Whisperer' visits lake area

It's a growing trend for a number of different reasons and the lake area had the man that's known as the 'Chicken Whisperer' came through town to help give advice to those who are looking to start up a coupe in their backyards.

Raising chickens is definitely not a new concept no matter where you go, but there's a been a growing trend as of late of people raising their own chickens in their backyards and it's people from all walks of life says Chicken Whisperer Andy Schneider.

"You've got folks in the urban areas in the rural areas all walks of life you've got vegans and vegetarians that keeps chickens that don't eat their chickens, they don't eat the eggs. they keep them for composting and pets and insect control and fertilizer."

It's a trend that has people traveling long distances to get some local chickens.

Fred Conner of Conner's Poultry sells chickens to people and says it's a trend that's continued for years.

"We sell baby chicks to people in the area and they come by and pick out what they want out of the flock. Every year we get more and more people coming to whether they buy two or buy ten."

But for some people, raising chickens in their own backyards is about educating their children says Schneider.

"Education for their children, they want to know where their food comes from. a lot of children think eggs come from a carton from a grocery store. They may not even know brown eggs exist, so they want their kids to have the same education they had maybe growing up with their parents or grandparents that had backyard poultry."

So, why come out to hear what the chicken whisperer has to say?

"I know nothing about chickens and I would like to have them and he's the chicken whisperer so why not."

"Just to get more educated on raising chickens and doing it the right why."

"He seems like he knows what he's talking about."

Said some of those who attended Schneider's seminar about backyard poultry.

The 'Chicken Whisperer's' biggest philosophy when it comes to raising chickens is simple.

Spreading the chicken love around the country and teaching people how raise chickens the right way without having to re-invent the wheel."

Now before you going building a coupe in your own backyard you should double check local zoning laws to make sure that you're allowed to have your own backyard poultry.

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