DeRidder organization helps at-risk children

DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - The learning doesn't stop when the last bell rings in DeRidder.

Many children take part in an afterschool learning program to gain extra skills.

For Bethany Roberts, the BeauCare Afterschool program is like her second home.

"I've been coming here since I was little," said Roberts. "I think if I wasn't here then I'd be doing something else that teens should not be doing."

BeauCare is a non-profit in DeRidder focusing on creating community programs for at-risk families.

"Our mission is to provide children and families in the community the resources and tools they need to be successful and improve their quality of life," said Executive Director, Annette Duplechin.

The afterschool program is one of many offered by BeauCare. It provides local youth the opportunity to participate in multiple activities.

"Some come for that homework help, tutoring, academic assistance, and some come for that social support," said Duplechin.

And for Roberts, she grew up here and is now a volunteer helping children in return.

"It feels really good because I understand how they helped me so seeing how they get help, it's amazing," said Roberts.

Children are bussed from DeRidder schools. Then the students receive help based on what they need.

"With us being out here in a rural community, the kids need stuff to do and so keeping them busy is very important," said Vice President, Bethany Roberts.

For more information on BeauCare, click here.

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