Sulphur goes back to its roots as centennial celebration continues

Sulphur goes back to its roots as centennial celebration continues
Source: Monica Grimaldo/KPLC
Source: Monica Grimaldo/KPLC

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - The Sulphur centennial celebration has not only brought citizens together, but its showcased the history of the place they call home.

"This is where they live," said Executive Director of the West Calcasieu Chamber of Commerce Dianne Dronet. "This is where they raise their children, they attend church here, it's just who they are. This is where they want to be. Sulphur is home."

The city continued its 4-day celebration with exhibits of Sulphur history including the unveiling of the city's newest historical collection at the Brimstone Museum all stemming from a group of natives sharing their story.

"It started with a group of about 15 people," said the mayor's secretary Stephanie Benoit. "From there, it grew to a bunch of native people from Sulphur giving a bunch of history, their backgrounds and their family's backgrounds of everything that has gone on in the past in Sulphur."

The event's arts & crafts chairperson Neida Kaye Loup says she hopes citizens will come and view what has made the city of Sulphur what it is today.

"It's an awesome display," said Loup. "It tells you about Sulphur's history and we sure do hope that the public comes and views our museum and brings any visitors that they have to our city so they can learn and help preserve the history for our children."

The event even featured a "Back to Basics" exhibit where citizens shared real life pieces of Sulphur history including photographs, vintage clothing and even gave children a chance to knit like the old days.

"It's our motto: faith, family and community," said Mayor Chris Duncan. "It's the community. Actually sitting down with the different committees and listening to the elderly talk about the community and how it evolved throughout history. That's the best part."

And 100 years later, the citizens of Sulphur are proving home is where the heart is.

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