Charles Lindbergh Husband overcomes racism to become pilot

Charles Lindbergh Husband overcomes racism to become pilot

Going through his pre-flight checklist, this DeRidder native is respectful of not only his aircraft, but how he got to be a pilot.  Charles Lindbergh Husband was named after the famous aviator of the early 20th century.  But Charles didn't really get interested in airplanes until more and more of them started filling the skies of Beauregard parish before World War 2.

"I was inspired by so many planes flying over the house until I wanted to become a pilot," said Husband.  "But back then, in that time, they weren't teaching the black American to fly.  So my dad's brother took me to California.  I finished school there."

After learning how to fly solo and getting his license in California, Husband returned to his hometown of DeRidder, where he's flying out of Beauregard Regional Airport.  While working as a full time engineer, Charles continued to fly recreationally, inspiring his own son to become a pilot.

"It influenced me enough to inspire my younger son, he flies the Stealth aircraft.  Right now he's at Dover Air Force Base.  He can't say at times where he is, because that's the Army."

His advice to young people today?

"Pick their pants up.  Don't be at the back door taking the garbage out when the opportunity is at the front door.  So that's my wife of telling people to do something with your life."

At the age of 77, Charles Lindbergh Husband says he has no plans to slow down.

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