Beer keg tax to benefit state veterans?

Happy Thursday morning to you!  Britney Glaser here with a look at what's in store on today's Sunrise:

*Two state lawmakers are working to rededicate a tax on beer kegs to veterans.  The tax is $10 per keg of beer.  It was originally set up in 1948 to benefit World War II veterans.  We'll tell you who could benefit from the new fund.

*A Louisiana mother is in jail this morning charged with the murder or her baby.  You'll hear from investigators this morning about how the mother used hand sanitizer to poison the baby.  It's a terrible crime and investigators say the mom shows no remorse.

*The City of Lake Charles is developing a five-year plan to address housing needs.  Do you have concerns you want addressed?  Find out about a meeting this evening where your input can be heard.

*Stomach bugs, common colds and spring allergies: that's what's going around this week in Southwest Louisiana.  I'll talk to a local family doctor about how he's treating the illnesses bringing patients inside clinics and ERs.

*It's Throwback Thursday and today we are throwing it back to the first movie you can remember seeing in the movie theater!  Share your movie and the year you saw it on our 7News Sunrise facebook page and you can be a part of today's show.

Make it a Sunrise day!