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Mortgage credit certificate program now accepting applications

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The mortgage credit certificate program is now accepting applications for first time for home buyers in Calcasieu, Cameron, Beauregard, Allen and Jeff Davis parishes. 

"This is the single most powerful method of reducing housing costs for families within the Imperial Calcasieu Region," said program manager, Steven Harris.

The program is made possible by a federal grant that is given to the state and facilitated by the Calcasieu Public Trust Authority.   

"It is the same type of program that we've offered before. It offers tax savings to the home buyer whenever they file their tax return at the end of the year," said trust authority chairman Tim Castle.

Eligible participants can get thousands of dollars off in a home mortgage credit, when they file their taxes. To be eligible, participants have to be purchasing their first home and already qualify for a home loan.  

"Be sure to ask for the mortgage credit certificate, then provide a direct federal income tax credit equal to 40 percent of the interest paid," said Harris.    

It's a credit officials hope can be invested back into the community. 

"If the program can offer you some savings on your taxes and increase your return to you, thus you can spend more in the community help support the community, foster jobs, the growth of southwest Louisiana through this program," said Castle. 

Interested home buyers can request information about the program from the Calcasieu Public Trust Authority. Click here to go to their web site. 

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