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Moving under way for evicted Pin Oak residents

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Some residents of Pin Oak Trailer Park, west of Sulphur, are considered at risk of becoming homeless. 

So, local agencies are working to help move families to new homes, families who were evicted because a new owner has plans for the property. While resources are earmarked, the future is still uncertain for some.

"The home owners are a little nervous. It's a little scary, but everyone's been very cooperative and helpful," said Kristina Messina, Director of the Continuum of Care for Southwest Louisiana.

Clearly, it's nerve-racking to watch as a mover prepares to haul one's home several miles down the road to a new location. Some trailers are too old to make such a trip. The movers never really know if an older home will withstand the trip until they're in the thick of it.

The Continuum of Care is trying to help Pin Oak residents.

"The continuum of care is a federally funded program that helps individuals who are homeless or at risk for homelessness in this five parish area," says Messina.

Evicted residents who need help are getting it, but must contribute $600 of their own money.

"We've partnered with some local trailer companies: Bayou Mobile and Deep South Mobile," said Messina.

There are still about 30 families to go, and officials say they need donations to complete all the moves.

"So far, it's going pretty well. We've had six individuals come in and pay their portion. They're paying one-third of the move and we're paying two-thirds. United Way has contributed funds, and we're still looking for funds at this point," said Messina.

She said they need about $10,000. Anyone interested in donating may call 337-437-3550.

Meanwhile, other residents are still in limbo.

Odis Knight has lived at Pin Oak for 15 years: "Trying to find a place to put my home. I've applied at Sweet Gum, waiting to hear back from Ms. Pam," he said.

He admits it's stressful: "I'm unemployed at the time, and I'm a truck driver, open road. It's hard for me to go back to work right now, and having to do all this and be on the road at the same time."

Like others, he's anxious to finalize living plans, yet hopeful it will all end well. Bayou Mobile Home Transporters and Deep South Movers contracted  to move residents for $1,000 each which is a cut rate. Residents also have to buy about $300 worth of materials, said Messina.

For information on donating log call 337-721-3550or call the local United Way.

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