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TBI looking into possible Adams connection to attempted kidnapping

Zachary Adams (Photo from TN Dept. of Correction) Zachary Adams (Photo from TN Dept. of Correction)
Heather Sullivan Heather Sullivan

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and Centerville police are looking into whether Zachary Adams, the man suspected in the kidnapping and murder of Holly Bobo, may have been connected to an attempted kidnapping of a woman just three months before Bobo disappeared.

Heather Sullivan claimed a man tried to abduct her in Centerville, but she managed to scare him off.

In the early days of the Bobo investigation, Sullivan told Channel 4 News she believed the same man who took Bobo tried to kidnap her.

The TBI now tells us it is looking into whether Adams was connected to Sullivan's attempted abduction but says it has not launched a formal investigation.

"I was going with him. He was making sure of that. That's how hard he grabbed me. I mean, I had marks on my arm for four days," Sullivan said on April 21, 2011.

Centerville police say they are still investigating Sullivan's allegations, but a woman identifying herself as Heather's daughter posted on Facebook after Adams' arrest that she believes he also tried to attack her mother.

There is a sketch circulating online of the alleged suspect who tried to kidnap Sullivan, but the Centerville Police Department said Friday they had never seen that sketch until it showed up on the web.

The TBI also says the sketch did not come from their agency.

And Adams' former step-father says living with the now-accused killer was like a recurring nightmare. He says he slept with a meat cleaver for protection against Adams at night.

"I never knew if he was going to try to kill me or not," said Adams' stepfather, who spoke with WBBJ-TV and wanted to remain anonymous.

Adams has been in and out of jail for violent charges since Holly's disappearance and had a long arrest record before that. In 2004, he was accused of shooting his own mother in the knee. His sentence was reduced to just six months for that crime.

Adams' former stepfather was there that day.

"If I hadn't been home she would have bled to death," he told WBBJ-TV.

In 2005, Adams' grandparents accused their grandson of threatening them with a gun. Later, after Holly's kidnapping, there would be allegations by two separate women that Adams threatened to kill them.

Adams remains jailed without bond in Chester County. He is scheduled to make his first court appearance on the charges in the Bobo case Tuesday.

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