Jep Turner - WWII veteran and charter boat captain

Hometown Patriot - Jep Turner

At the age of 94, Jeptha Edgar Turner, Junior isn't looking back. A veteran of the U.S. Navy during the second world war, Turner says the experience changed him forever.

"When I went into the Navy, I was timid. I was an only child. I didn't ever express myself. I was quiet. After I got out of the Navy, everything had changed. I took charge of my life."

Jep served on board the USS Block Island, whose responsibility was to destroy German U-Boats.  At the urging of his daughter Cheryl, he's written his memoirs called, "My Life."

In the book, Jep recounts the day his boat the "Gulf Queen" in 1985 was sunk by a crew boat 50 miles out in the gulf.

"I did what we did when there was a torpedo in the water. I turned towards it. If I had another 10 seconds he would have missed me. He took an angle and took 8 feet of the boat off."

One man died in the disaster; three were seriously hurt. Jep says he lost everything.

"I can always find humor in any situation. I think that's the reason I have lived so long. I have not stress in my life. God's been good to me."

Jep is also known for other things... Like the invention of the mighty mite anchor, the bird houses along shell beach drive, and his letters to the editor.

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