Full-service gas station still around in Sulphur

Since 1952, there's always been a gas station here at the corner of Highway 90 and Willow Street.  Back then,  Bob's Service Station pumped Cities Service gas.  Decades later, the Nezat family continues the tradition.

'My customers like a lot of attention," said David Nezat, current owner.  "Many are older, some are widows.  They don't have anywhere to go so we show them a little attention do anything we can for them.  Even if it's at their house, we'll leave and go help them at the house.  It's not just the service at the gas station.  It's a community service."

At Bob's, they still do it the old-fashioned way. They'll fill up your tank, wash your windshield, even check your tires.

"Some people that are new will pull up and you walk up to them in their car and they get scared," said Logan.  'They'll say, 'what are you doing?'  I say 'I'm here to pump your gas.'  They're in shock.  After you give them that service, they really appreciate it."

"Back then, somebody used to drive up and get a dollar's worth of gas, we'd vacuum their car, check their tires, check their oil and wash the windshield," recalled former employee Chuck Hansen, who is now principal at Sulphur High's 9th Grade Campus.  "So you spent about ten minutes a car for a dollar's worth of gas."

Inside, there's always a pot of coffee and the latest politics.

"We show up here about 7 o'clock in the morning and open the place up for David because sometimes he runs a little late," said customer Gerald Conner.

"They got air conditioning, free coffee and good heat," proclaims Shannon Suarez.  "Why not?  I sit here at read the football books and listen to the gossip and erase the ones I don't want to hear."

"You can learn about politics, religion and solve all the world problems coming to Bob's," said Hansen.

And every once in a while they sell a little gas.

Bob's is named after the longtime owner, Bob Frankland.

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