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Alert: Two attempted abductions at same Twinsburg school bus stop

Twinsburg Police Twinsburg Police

A disturbing development in an attempted abduction in Twinsburg.

Police tell 19 Action News that the suspects who tried to lure children on Monday, March 3 also tried on Monday, February 24. Luckily, both attempts were unsuccessful. 

Both attempted abductions happened when the children got off their school bus just after 4 p.m. in the Lake Plata subdivision at the intersection of Jennifer Drive and Bridget Lane.

The suspects were driving a black SUV and tried to lure the kids with the promise of candy.

Both times the same young children were involved and both times the kids ran home to safety.

"They're fine.  They're kids. They're resilient, like you said, they did the right thing.  They know what to do," said Robert Gonsiewski, Twinsburg assistant chief.

The driver was described as a woman with shoulder length blonde hair. The front passenger was described as a teenage boy with brown hair. The children also reported that there were several teens with red hair and freckles in the rear seats.

Police say they did not find anyone in the immediate area that matched that description.

"We're going to be vigilant and keep extra patrols out there and were asking for the community's help if they see anything to give us a call right away, " said Assistant Chief Gonsiewski.

One of the moms of one of the young girls involved says this happened on her daughter's birthday.  She says she's fine, but the young girl is scared the suspects will come to their house. 

The mom says she loves living in the Twinsburg community and that her daughter through school programs and role playing knew just what to do.

Mom continues by saying no kid, especially on her birthday, should be put in such a terrifying situation.

"It's an eye opener and it can happen anywhere and anyone can drive into a community and pull up to a kid getting off a bus and that's what happened here," said Assistant Chief Gonsiewski.

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