Local veterans uncertain of permanent clinics future

High hopes for a new permanent veteran's clinic in Lake Charles were dashed yesterday, when a veterans funding bill died in the U.S. senate.

That's left local veterans wondering if Lake Charles will ever get the clinic.

"Our veterans deserve it, need it, want it, let's make it happen. "That's how U.S. veteran James Jackson feels about getting a fully functionally veterans clinic in Lake Charles.

But another bill has died in the senate that would have helped with several veterans' clinics.

"There's twenty-seven clinics throughout the nation that are not going to be built. 400,000 veterans are not going to get the service that they served their country to get." says Jackson.

Without a fully functional clinic locally veterans are left driving long distances to get the treatment they need in Jennings, Alexandria and Beaumont. but with a fully functional local clinic veterans like Richard Morgan could get the help they need.

"A full functioning clinic here, right now we have one team and if we had a full functioning clinic here we could have two teams. We could take and add another twelve-hundred people to the list of veterans in the Lake Charles area that could go to this clinic." said Morgan.

Veterans are ready for politicians to drop their petty differences and do what's in the best interest for those who have served our country.

"We're like a piñata, you hit us one way and you know senator Vitter proposes a bill and senator Landrieu opposes it. Senator Landrieu puts up a bill, senator Vitter opposes it. They need to get together and remember the veterans of our country and our state are what's important."

So until a bill can be passed veterans will continue to go without.

Senator David Vitter has since introduced separate legislation that could authorize the completion of v-a clinics in both Lake Charles and Lafayette.

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