Parent says book from school suggests bullying

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - "I hate her," read Tara Parks.

Those aren't Tara Parks' words, but she said those are the words inside a children's book her son brought home from school.

"This particular book sent home was called "Mines the Best" and there's a lot of negative language in the book, one of those words being hate," said Parks.

Parks' son is in Kindergarten at Cypress Cove Elementary in Sulphur.

Parks said the book was sent home as part of the Accelerated Reading program to help her son with reading.

"It was just really alarming, because there are all these campaigns about not bullying and then they send home a book with a prime example of that," said Parks.

Some reviews on Amazon also agree with Parks.

One user wrote, "Two boys argue over whose beach toy is the best, and eventually attempt to emotionally and physically harm each other."

Another reviewer said, "The boys fight over which balloon is best, they say they "hate" a girl who gets in the middle, they kill their balloons until they are "dead.""

But not all find this book unfit for children.

A user writes, "The world is not a perfect place and a book like this gives parents a opportunity to discuss life situations and a chance to teach lessons on how to work out problems without hurting others."

Another user claiming to be a teacher writes, "It is not as bad as what is being projected here, how the word "hate" is being taken way out of context."

But for Parks, she said the book is not appropriate.

"I didn't allow him to read the rest," said Parks. "I read ahead and when I saw the word hate, I didn't even want to go on with it."

While Parks is upset over the book, she said her child's school is not to blame.

"When you're assigning 20 books a day to every single kid to read, there's no possible way you're going to know everything or all the contents of the book, but as parents we need to make sure we're watching that stuff," said Parks.

When searching online for this book, it is part of "I Can Read", an educational program that designates books that are helpful for beginner readers.

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