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Sam Houston High School shows support against human trafficking


One girl's passion, turned into an entire school showing support.

"This is to raise awareness here in our country," said Sam Houston High School Senior, Abbie George. "It's not the African slave trade that we've learned about our whole lives, but it's a new kind of slavery that people are blinded to and don't really know about it."

It's called the End It Movement. The purpose is to draw red X's on hands to draw attention to the estimated 27-million-people currently enslaved by human trafficking.

George first heard about the movement at a conference. She said bringing it to the attention of her entire school was her way of shining a light on sex trade, labor trafficking, and those made to work in horrible working conditions around the world and in the United States.

"Our administration allowed me to meet with them and tell them about the movement and what it was," said George. "I gave them the website and they were very gracious and allowed us to just get involved."

With the help of others, now everyone was seeing red at Sam Houston High School.

While putting red exes on hands is the first step, the next part is to spread the word on social media by taking pictures.      

"It just kind of popped up on us," said one student. "No one really heard about it until they got on Twitter and got posters throughout the school and everyone joined in."

And with one girl, and now the support of an entire high school, George said she's thrilled to see this movement building in Southwest Louisiana.

"A lot of the students already came with the red X's on their hand," said George. "I'm really excited about it."

Other schools in Calcasieu Parish also took part in the movement.

For more information on the movement and human trafficking statistics, click here.

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