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"No Fear" customer waits two years for car title

Imagine buying a car and not being able to drive it.  It happened to a local woman who bought it from none other than former "No Fear Auto" sales owner James Bertrand.

That's the same James Bertrand behind the "Just for Jesus" rallies and who has been arrested several times in the last year or so on drug charges.
Tasha Broussard:  
"I wouldn't be able to afford a note so that's why I worked to save enough money to go and have it paid cash out.   And it feels as though, I've been robbed.  I've been cheated," said Tasha Broussard.

In February 2012, Broussard paid $3175 cash for a used Lincoln Town car from the used car lot,
"No Fear Auto."

But all this time the car sits in her driveway, because she has been unable to get the title from Bertrand, whose dealership is now closed.  She says she's gone through a huge runaround.

"I've been calling, I've been writing letters, and the letters have been coming back.  No address.  Every time I call somebody they say they're going to call me.  I've received no calls back.  And I'm getting very frustrated," said Broussard.

So, we went to the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles in Lake Charles, who referred us to the main office in Baton Rouge, where we spoke to Commissioner Stephen Campbell.  He says they've resolved title and lien problems for most of Bertrand's customers.  He says Broussard's mistake was to pay cash and leave without a title in hand.

"You should always walk out of a transaction like that with a title and then take that paperwork to motor vehicles and then we can do what we have to do to make sure that the title is not lawfully in somebody else's name," said Campbell.

He says they have verified Broussard's situation and given her instructions on what she must do.

"We have instructed her on what she needs to do in going to a justice of the peace and getting an order so that we can then title the vehicle lawfully in her name and she's expressed her satisfaction in our being able to help her," said Campbell.

Broussard says she and her family are anxious to get the car properly registered so they can use the car she worked so hard to buy.

"We are victims in this situation and we really need some help. We really do," said Broussard.

And at this point, it appears they will get it.

For more information on taking care of business with the State Office of Motor Vehicles click here.

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