Who's throwing rocks at vehicles off Hwy 14?

Who's throwing rocks at vehicles off Hwy 14?
(Source: Erica Bivens/KPLC)
(Source: Erica Bivens/KPLC)
(Source: Erica Bivens/KPLC)
(Source: Erica Bivens/KPLC)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Who is throwing rocks at vehicles? That's a question Lake Charles Police are asking.

On Monday, LCPD say four separate incidents were reported off Highway 14.

But who is the big question. With cell phones, GPS and other distractions, it's enough these days to just pay attention to the road while you're driving.

Imagine driving 40 miles an hour. On Highway 14, near the 2700 block, that's the speed limit. Now imagine a rock, thrown at your vehicle, your windshield.

Lt. Kevin Kirkum with the LCPD says they're now investigating four of these incidents.

"Well the police department did receive four reports on the 24th of February in regards to criminal damages as passing vehicles in the 2700 block of Gerstner Memorial. As cars were driving in that area, rocks struck their vehicles at different angles," explained Lt. Kirkum.

Although the owner of one of those damaged vehicles didn't want to comment on camera, the damage is obvious.

The owner of the pickup truck says they were driving on Highway 14 and it was just after they came across the railroad tracks that they heard a loud noise and saw people on both sides of the road scatter. It was then they realized their entire front windshield was cracked.

But as far as suspects, Kirkum says they don't have descriptions or known direction of travel.

"We do have some reports that it may be a group of 4 to 5 people but it's unknown if they are responsible. So what we've done is we've added some extra patrol in that area to try to ascertain the identity of people in that area and hopefully it will turn out that those are responsible for this," said Kirkum.

Lake Charles Police are working to find these suspects, so damages like the four that happened, or worse, don't happen to others.

"It's fairly important that we get the activity to stop because you'd be surprise a rock hits your car, it could cause an accident," said Kirkum.

Not only is it dangerous, it's an expensive fix for the owners.

Anyone with information that may be able to help police, or those who've experienced similar incidents should call LCPD at 337-491-1456.

Suspects can face charges of Criminal Damage to Property among other things.

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