Tattoos for a cause, taking a stand against bullying

Tattoos for a cause, taking a stand against bullying

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Dozens of people in southwest Louisiana are joining a movement against bullying by getting pony tattoos, inspired by the popular children's television show, "My Little Pony".

"It's a reminder for us that everyday I see that tattoo and think that what I say to somebody might affect them in a way that pushes them over, they might be the person who hurts themselves" said Justine Zerangue at DSI Customs Tattoo Shop in Lake Charles.

The movement started after a tattoo artist in Sugarland, Texas heard the story of Michael Morones; an 11-year-old boy in North Carolina who tried to kill himself after being bullied for liking "My Little Pony".

"It's something that everybody has felt" said Amanda Fontenot, who convinced seven of her family members to get a tattoo to join the movement.  "Knowing even, for a child, that you're not alone, and that people love you and accept you for no matter what you choose to do, is something that is indescribable" Fontenot said.

Darin Owens is the owner of DSI Customs Tattoo Shop who started doing the tattoos in Lake Charles.

"It's an epidemic and it's horrible" Owens said.  "Every individual is just that- an individual and you don't have the right to perceive your ways on to them" he added. 

Artists at Revolution Ink Tattoo Shop located at 12125 Lake Charles Highway in Leesville, are also participating in the campaign.

While the tattoos are one way to show support for Morones, tattoos aren't for everybody.  A gofundme page has been created for Morones and has already raised over $70,000 for his family, medical costs and an anti-bullying campaign.

A website has been set up and donations can be made at

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