Lake Charles barber continues 51 year tradition with Guillory family

Gabe Guillory is almost two years old and he's here at Jimmy's Hair We Are Barbershop to get his first haircut.  But the Guillory family didn't just choose any old barber to give Gabe his first one.  They chose Delton Bertrand, who has been cutting hair for 51 years.

"The first haircut?  Well it's a new experience for the kids and the parents because they've never gone through it," said Delton.  "It's different."

In fact, Delton gave the first haircut to not only his father, Brian, but his uncle, Brett Guillory.

"Brett was probably the one I had the hardest time ever giving a first haircut," recalled Bertrand.  "He jumped, screamed, hollered and stood up.  It was hard. It took six of us to hold him down.  I was sweating, Richard Guillory (his father) was sweating.  He was tough."

Bertrand doesn't  have any real secret to giving first haircuts, but Brian knows one: French fries.

"I'm hoping for the best," said Brian, Gabe's dad. "I brought fries and we'll see how it goes.  Bribery. I do what I can."

Gabe's mom Erin the momentous occasion on video.

"You know I'm getting a little emotional now," said Erin. "This is my last one getting his first haircut.  He looks like a little man now."

Despite a rough start, it appears Gabe Guillory made it through in one piece, thanks to his pop's French fries and Delton's expertise.

"I've never cut an ear off, but I've nicked a bunch of them," said Bertrand.

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