Search for Superintendent continues

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - A Special Committee selected to move forward with the selection process of a new Superintendent of Calcasieu Parish Schools met again this afternoon.

The committee reviewed a packet that basically contains draft documents dealing with notices and advertisements. Everything from the vacant position announcement to the application and even sample ad's are included.

They also discussed tentative dates for when applications need to be turned in.

The committee is trying to work on meeting their deadline, they set for themselves, of getting a new Superintendent in by August 1.

All things approved by the Special Committee still need to be approved by the board.

The committee asked those working on the details to come back to the next meeting with more information on where else they can advertise the position and at what cost.

Committee Chair, R.L. Webb also asked members to submit questions they'd like to ask potential candidates by March 21.

Their next meeting is March 25.

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