Local student looking for answers after ruling from LHSAA

For many high school students spending time with friends playing sports is a normal part of life. But one local student can't play. He's sidelined because officials won't budge on a well known rule.

If you transfer schools you have to sit out one year before you can play. But there are exceptions to the rule and one area student and his mother want to know why he doesn't qualify for one of those exceptions.

Zac Howard is just like any other high school student and he wants to fit in and that's what he's doing at his new school in Johnson Bayou after leaving Westlake.

Zac explains why he likes his friends out in Johnson Bayou.

"(They) treat me good. I treat them good. We don't fight, they don't steal and everything over here is perfect."

For most that's all a person could ask for is to be treated fairly.

But after being bullied and his parents separating Zac became depressed and distanced himself from school. Mindy Jinks, Zac's mother says that he was on bad path.

"After his tenth grade year, he was like, he was just going to quit school. he was tired of it. He was just going to get a job and take care of himself and well I didn't want that. I wanted him to have a future."

Now that Zac has changed schools he wants to be involved with his community and play sports with his friends.

"They're actually cool people, they're fun to be around and they like to play sports too."

So Zac and his mother went before the Louisiana High School Athletic Association executive board to plead their case to let Zac play sports now, rather than sitting out a year.

Ms.Jinks say were denied before they felt they were able to clarify why they wanted the exception.

"They didn't give me a chance to say look this young man he went through all of this and he's overcome it."

But the LHSAA's word is final and there are no appeals that can be made once they have ruled.

Ms. Jinks says thinks that they should have to answer other authority.

"They need to answer to somebody. Everybody has to answer to somebody to make sure that they're being fair and just. there is no fairness here."

So for now Zac can only support his friends from the sideline instead of being out there with them.

"I always see them playing and I just, I wish I'd be able to play with them too. Cause I always see our seniors playing this year and I never got to play with them and I'll never get to now."

Zac and his mother have said they'll follow the current ruling, but they hope that for the next kid that has to go through this process that the LHSAA will have to answer to some other authority.

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