Vinton celebrates Mardi Gras with frills, feathers, and gumbo

Vinton celebrates Mardi Gras with parade and gumbo cook-off

VINTON, LA (KPLC) - Frills, feathers, and lots of Mardi Gras magic. It may not be Fat Tuesday just yet, but the town of Vinton's Mardi Gras is already is full swing.

It's a community coming together all in the name of some Mardi Gras fun.

But once the parade got its start, it's everyone for themselves.

One parade goer said, "I got all the candy!"

Another parade goer said, "I love all the food and candy for the kids."

While the candy was a big hit, so were the beads.

"I'm here for the parades," said one Vinton resident. "I like catching the beads!"

Because the more the beads the merrier.

"It's the thrill of catching them," said another parade goer. "Not much you can do with them afterwards, but it's the moment you catch that's special."

And it may be Mardi Gras on a smaller scale, but that's the same reason this town wouldn't want to have it any other way.

"We have a lot of culture in our town, because it's so small," said one Vinton resident. "It's like a big celebration with everyone gathered around."

There was also a gumbo cook-off earlier in the day.

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