City of Refuge gearing up for annual fundraiser

Almost anyone can agree that helping veterans is a good cause and helping homeless veterans is exactly what the city of refuge in Vinton does and they do it all without government assistance.

After hurricane Rita in 2005 City of Refuge has needed to make some improvements to better serve the veterans they help.

"We've ran into some little snags, but we're trying to overcome those and we're hoping to that this year we'll see to fruition the building and so we're looking forward to that." Said Denise Stigen.

Denise and her husband Burt provide their help without government assistance to get the most out of their donations.

"We do not accept any governmental funding; because they limit us on how can conduct what we do here to help the individuals."

So they are hoping that with their third annual fundraiser 'a night to remember' that they'll be able to reach their goal and have a little fun in the process.

"We have entertainment we have a guest speaker. Auctions and we just have great evening. a lot of the veterans come together, it's time for a lot of comradely with them." Explains Denise.

They care for old veterans and new veterans alike. as city of refuge was originally for veterans from Vietnam but they're seeing veterans from more recent wars such as from Desert Storm along with veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq.

But the goal is to finish their big project for this year and move on to their next one, says Denise.

"The net proceeds will all go to the building fund and so that we can get this new building erected hopefully this year and then move forward with our next project."

If you'd like to donate or help by volunteering for City of Refuge you can contact them at (337) 589-4407 or (337) 532-4271. Their address is 5899 Hwy 3112, Vinton, LA, 70668.

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