McNesse campus could become smoke-free

(Source: MGN Online)
(Source: MGN Online)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Students and faculty at McNeese State University may soon have to leave the campus if they want to light up a cigarette.

It's now up to the students to vote on the spring ballot if they prefer the university to be smoke-free.

"This is a pretty major police change for the university so we wanted to make sure the student body had a voice in such a big policy change," said student Corey Greineisen.

Student Body President, Davante Lewis said around 40% of students voted for a smoke-free campus in a 2012 poll. Lewis said 20% voted for specific smoking areas.

Lewis said the poll is a major reason the Student Government Association added the vote to the spring ballot.

"We will start now educating the campus about the issues, about the vote, and let everybody know," said Lewis.

After the vote, the student government body will make the official recommendation to the president based on the student's majority.

"Now we're ready to truly move forward and join the rest of the country and most likely in my opinion we'll probably go smoke-free," said Lewis.

Another option is to vote on a designated smoking area on the campus, but the vote is ultimately in the student's hands.

"I would be moderately upset seeing how it's like open air and as long as a person practices consideration, it could very easily not interfere with anyone else," said student Thomas Mefford.

"I hate the smell of it," said student Deangelicia Guillory. "I can't stand it."

With different opinions, this issue is still up in the air to see if smoking will fade away on this campus.

If passed, the Student Government Association is still discussing how to enforce the policy if someone is caught smoking.

Students plan to vote this April.

The policy could go into effect this August if approved.

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