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I wanna know: Who fired shot into home?

Imagine you and your spouse are spending a quiet Sunday evening at home, when suddenly a bullet whizzes through your living room.

It happened to a local couple February 9th.  

Debbie Newman poses the question:  "I wanna know who would have discharged a firearm into our home on February 9th, Sunday evening."

Newman and her husband Tony live in a rural area off Corbina Road.  It's not unusual to hear someone firing a gun, or shooting at a coyote.

But Sunday, February 9th, Debbie walked through her living room to the kitchen just moments before a shot came through the house.

"We heard a big loud noise and my husband saw the bullet fragments spraying into the home.  We saw the bullet into the wall and called 911 of course," said Newman.

The bullet lodged into the wall at just her height. The Newmans would like to know who fired the weapon into their house, but if they can't find that out, they'd at least like the person or people to know how close they came to killing someone.

"They could have killed an innocent person or persons.  My grandchildren were due to be here and they decided not to come that night.  It could've hurt someone that I love very dearly," she said.  

The Calcasieu Sheriff's Department is investigating.  There's no evidence the shooter was targeting the Newmans.  Still, Sheriff Tony Mancuso says they want to know who did it and he says it's better to come forward. 

"If it was an accident, come forward.  Obviously, the ramifications are going to be a lot less than if we stumble across who did this by some kind of ballistic report. We recovered the projectile out of the residence so if we're able to match that to a weapon, now it looks like they were trying to cover it up," said Mancuso.

And he says it's a reminder that people need to practice firearm safety and make sure stray bullets don't endanger life or property.

"It's you as the gun owner.  It's your responsibility to know what that backdrop is.  Because lets say one of them had been killed or injured, they could have been charged with a homicide or maybe negligent homicide if they didn't knowingly and purposely do this. It could have been very serious," said Mancuso.

The bullet that whizzed through the Newman's house passed right through the area where Debbie says her daily prayers.

"I pray over my family, my loved ones and my home actually.  And it's just kind of coincidental that it passed in that area and nothing was harmed.  No furniture, just walls, not people, not material possessions, and I praise God for that and I thank him dearly for protecting my home," she said.
She urges people to use caution when handling firearms.

"Be mindful of the area, their location, who's around, what a bullet could do," said Newman.

Authorities have not yet determined the type of gun or caliber.  

Again, the incident happened about 7:40 p.m., Sunday, February 9th in the Corbina Road area.  The house hit was on Eldridge road.  Anyone with any information should call the Calcasieu Sheriff's Office at 491-3700.   For more of the sheriff's comments look for our web extra on discharging firearms.

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