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Guinn, Morrish at Jeff Davis Legislative Breakfast

(Source: KPLC) (Source: KPLC)

Jeff Davis Parish residents got the chance to preview the upcoming legislative session during a breakfast held Wednesday at the Welsh Community Center.

Representative Johnny Guinn (R) and Senator Dan "Blade" Morrish (R) talked about their plans for the legislative session that begins March 10. 

The two say that there will be a wide range of topics up for discussion.

"This is a lot of information in a fairly short amount of time, but I find that those issues that we just don't have enough information for and are not getting addressed," said Sen. Morrish. "Those that do and that we have the opportunity to study on and have good."

"We want to keep our people involved in politics. We need the input to hear from them, and it's an honor and privilege to serve as a legislator, but we definitely do represent the citizens of Louisiana they come first," said Rep. Guinn.

KPLC's Gerron Jordan will have more on later editions.

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