Expansion projects to go before Chennault board

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Two new projects including three new facilities at Chennault are plans that will bring growth and sustainability, according to Chennault Executive Director Randy Robb.

"We think these are the steps that we have to put in place to continue to grow so that we can become self sufficient" said Robb.

The first project would be at Million Air; a private, 15,000 square foot hangar and ground support equipment building.

"That'll provide Million Air a place to work on their trucks and on their equipment so that they can maintain the low cost of doing business here" Robb said. "They can continue to attract more airplanes".

The second project would be an air cargo building that will help ease the process of loading and unloading cargo on site.

"They'll bring in equipment here in the middle of the night and then we'll load it on trucks and get it out to the facilities so they can operate in the morning" Robb explained.  "That is the niche that we're looking for from the cargo side at the moment".

While Chennault already loads and unloads cargo a new facility will help the process flow, eliminating any problem from putting trucks and airplanes in the same space.

"This way, we can offload the airplanes, move them into the air cargo facility and then move it directly onto the trucks so that the trucks can move out without having to get inside the fence" said Robb.

Unlike the Million Air hangar, this project would involve creating road access too.

"The big cost of that project is going to be involved with all of the concrete work and all of the infrastructure work that's required to move the trucks in and out and to move the airplanes in and out" said Robb.

In total, Robb estimates the projects to cost near $7 million dollars.  Chennault will be responsible for roughly 25 percent of that cost with capital outlay funds, picking up the rest.

The full board is expected to vote on the plans at their meeting on Wednesday, February 19.

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