McNeese State continues celebrating 75th anniversary

(Source: McNeese State University)
(Source: McNeese State University)

It's been 75 years since McNeese opened its doors back in 1939, and that's a huge accomplishment. McNeese celebrated the achievement with two different events on Monday.

Sarah Hogan, Director of University Events, explained the idea behind the first celebration of the day: "As a part of the 75 anniversary committee, we've planned a calendar year long of events. One of those events we wanted to honor all those leaders that have made those accomplishments happen for McNeese."

Kathy Briggs and Patricia Duhon, daughters of third McNeese president Dr. Thomas Leary, were pleased with the celebration of the McNeese presidents.

"I think that they've done a really good job doing what they're doing, and all the mementos that we're getting the photographs and the streets. Every time we go by the street we'll think of our dad," Duhon said.

"We're very honored our dad was a great president, and we think it's great that college has recognized that," Briggs said.

McNeese's fifth president, Dr. Robert Hebert, said he is pleased with the direction of the university.

"The university continues to thrive under Dr. Williams' leadership and that means a lot to me," Hebert said. "The university has a great a future in my opinion. I'm very, very optimistic about McNeese's future."

Honoring the former McNeese presidents wasn't the only event.

Monday also marked the opening of the McNeese State University historical exhibit in Bulber Auditorium.

"There are 22 permanent panels on the walls, the outside walls of the auditorium that tell the story of the 75 years of McNeese," said McNeese Director of communication Candace Townsend.

"That includes everything from the early years, there's information about John McNeese, our athletic programs, the foundation, the alumni association and of course our involvement in the community," Townsend said.

Monday's events were just the beginning of the celebrations. You can find more information about upcoming events by visiting

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