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Traveling preacher riles up McNeese students

He calls some children of the devil and others that they are headed for eternal damnation by the way they live their lives. And self-proclaimed holy man Matt Bourgalt took his message to the McNeese State campus Monday.

And we warn you, some language in this story may offend some people.

He shouts to the crowd gathered around him, "By the way boys, stop wearing your sisters pants."

Any passer by was surely drawn to the center of campus to investigate the ruckus:  a large gathering of students, some screaming and yelling at the man in the center of it all.

Bourgalt, a self-proclaimed preacher who goes around to college campuses literally screaming a message of repentance to students.  He uses some salty language.

"You masturbating, pill poppers and infidels.  You lewd whores, you Godless sluts.  When you sin, you perverted sodomites, you do it with full knowledge of doing that," he yells, often shaking his fist and pointing at the students gatherered around.

He voices disapproval of the clothing some young women wear.  His preaching includes name calling that would be unacceptable in almost any social setting.

Bourgalt did have the proper approval to be there, though the university police stood by to make sure the event didn't get out of hand.

Though he spoke of Jesus,  his words were often accusing, inflammatory, and did not sit well with many students some of whom screamed back at him.

Bourgalt shouted at one young woman, "He's (Christ) in me!  He's not in you!"

Yet, after a while the show of sorts died down and the crowd got smaller.

"My initial question to him was how do you feel this is advancing the cause of Christ?  Don't you feel that this is causing far worse problems because you're inciting these people to make them more angry at you, rather than showing them what God has done in your life and just loving them, caring for them and just helping them and being a friend to them," said student Johnathan Bolton.

"I really think he's just trying to get a rise out of people by saying absurd, ignoramic  things, that a lot of people aren't going to agree with and he knows that.  If someone you don't know tells you something or criticizes you, you're not very likely to interpret or take in what they're trying to say.  He's just saying very absurd and brash things to people.  I think he needs to go home," said Devin Norman.

Associate Vice President for McNeese University Services, Toby Osburn,  says Bourgalt's been here before.

"Our students and faculty, because they are part of the McNeese Community, they're free to come out here, engage him and dialogue him, engage one another, debate these issues.  Debate the ideas that he's raised free and unfettered.  That's part of the dynamic nature of being on a university campus," said Osburn.

While there was plenty of lively debate, Osburn says  it's been a peaceful event.  He says Bourgalt may be back at the campus another day this week.

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