What makes a good king cake in the Lake Area?

What makes good king cakes in the lake area?

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - Besides the beads and parades, king cakes are another Mardi Gras tradition that rolls in this time of year.

But what do Lake Area residents consider a good king cake?

"It has got to be moist and it has got to have lots of filling," said Delicious Donuts & Bakery co-owner Paula Stevens.

"The cakes have to be moist and it can't be dry, and the filling really," said Kristi Chasson.

And dropping by some of the community's favorite places, employees shared secrets on how they manage to make fresh cakes with all the fillings.

At Misse's Grocery in Sulphur, it's a group effort to make the more than 6,000 king cakes from scratch every Mardi Gras season.

And at Jake's Cakes, they're working with Jake's grandma's recipe. It's a more than 30-year-old recipe.

"She used the actual donut dough and we baked them," said Jake's Cakes owner, Jake Stutes. "She retired, but we still use that same recipe."

They may not make their own cakes at Crave Gourmet, but employees said they order their cakes directly from New Orleans.

"They're a Danish style pastry filled with Creole cream cheese and they're artistry," said Crave co-owner, Fran Avery.

And it's a big operation in a small space at Delicious Donuts and Bakery.

Employees said from the beginning to end, it's all made with a purpose.

"At the end of the day what doesn't sell we have to eat," Stevens said. "And we want to eat something good so we make them how we like them."

"We have a lot of fun and people from all over are just amazed by the things we do and the cakes, parties, and festivals," said Misse's Grocery owner, David Misse.

Proving Mardi Gras is more than a cake, but a lasting tradition in Louisiana.

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