Southwest Louisiana artist to be featured on NBC’s The Voice

Local artist to be featured on 6th season of NBC’s The Voice
Source: Monica Grimaldo/KPLC
Source: Monica Grimaldo/KPLC

LAKE CHARLES, LA - NBC's The Voice brings aspiring singers closer to their dreams. Now it's time for a DeQuincy man to chase his.

"It's the wildest roller coaster I've ever experienced in my entire life," said Luke Cooper.

Cooper is one of thousands of people across America who auditioned for the sixth season of The Voice and it has paid off.

"People have told me in the past, 'You should go try out for one of those shows,'" Cooper said. "I was like 'No, no. Not me.' Then my girlfriend said, 'Hey, they're doing tryouts in Austin. We've never been to Austin together. Let's go.' I was like 'Sure. I'm free.' So I went and they said yes. I was like 'Well, okay.' I didn't see that coming. So, we progressed and we moved forward and here we are."

A member of the band at Water's Edge Church in Lake Charles, Cooper said his love of music started at a young age and he owes it all to his parents.

"My mom is a choir director in DeQuincy," Cooper said. "She instructs the middle school and high school. My dad leads the singing at church and we're always a part of that so from the get go, it was music."

Cooper said those who've supported him are what keep him going.

"I've had nothing but support across the board," Cooper said. "I've had nothing but people saying they believe in me. So, it's a family. It's a family affair. I'm not in this alone, I never have been. I never felt like I was so, they've got me. I know they do."

He also said inspiring others to pursue their dreams is one thing he wants those who tune in to The Voice to take with them along their journey.

"It doesn't matter where you're from," Cooper said. "Talent is talent. A gift is a gift and I believe we are all given a certain gift and we have to use that gift to its full potential."

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