Local group gives voice to domestic violence victims

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Lee Peck in the KPLC 7 Newsroom with a look at what we are working on for Nightcast.

We'll have more tonight from St. Mary Parish on the fatal crash involving a Lafayette Parish school bus and a passenger vehicle. Louisiana State Police have identified the victims in the passenger car. The passengers on the bus traveling with the Lafayette High School baseball team are said to only have minor injuries.

Plus, a local group is trying to stop domestic violence by giving victims a voice. KPLC's Monica Grimaldo has the story.

And, the estate of world-renowned painter George Rodrigue has released the first print from Rodrigue's studio since he passed away in December. We'll show the "Mardi Gras 2014" print featuring two of Rodrigue's iconic blue dogs.

Some national stories of interest: The parents of a Florida teenager who died from shots fired by man over loud music react to the guilty verdicts reached tonight. Plus, a Valentine's Day jail break is short-lived. Hear what extremes the Arizona inmate went through to spend a little one on one time with his girlfriend.

We enjoyed the best weekend weather we've had in weeks. Meteorologist Zack Fradella will tell us how long we can expect the nice weather and what changes are ahead for our work week.

We'll see you tonight at 10:30 following coverage of the Olympics. If you want to catch us at 10 o'clock you can log on to kplctv.com and watch a live stream 10-minute version of Nightcast... just another way we are always At Your Service.