Lake Charles Symphony Orchestra fine tunes their notes for Saturday

Lake Charles Symphony Orchestra fine tunes their notes for Saturday
(Source: Erica Bivens/KPLC)
(Source: Erica Bivens/KPLC)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Many musicians in the Lake Area spent Valentine's Day in rehearsals.

The Lake Charles Symphony Orchestra will feature a three-part program on Saturday.

Some, four years ago Katherine Smith was studying to be a nutritionist. Today, she's the soprano soloist, invited to sing with the Lake Charles Symphony Orchestra.

"This is my first concert at work so I'm very excited to be working with the orchestra," said Katherine Smith, Soprano Soloist.

Currently a student at Rice University, Smith is singing a piece by Gustav Mahler, in German.

"It's a German poem talking about God's Garden and what this little girl thinks of heaven. And she goes and talks about the Saint's, but my favorite part is talking about asparagus and salads, it makes no sense to me but it's actually a beautiful poem," said Smith.

And the orchestra comprises musicians from across the state.

"Our orchestra is really about a third local, a third from the west, Beaumont, Houston, and as far east as New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Natchitoches," said Executive Director Shelly Appleby.

The orchestra will also play a unique piece composed by Dr. Arthur Gottschalk.

"It's about the black napoleon liberator of Haiti, in the early 1800's Toussaint Overture. So in the course of its 12 minutes it kind of depicts scenes from his life," explained Dr. Arthur Gottschalk, the guest composer of Toussaint Overture.

It's the show opener, and a Louisiana premiere.

Plus, Appleby says, "the first half of the program is in conjunction with black history month and we're proud to say we partnered with the black heritage festival in putting this program on."

The second part is A Lincoln Portrait.

"It will be narrated by Mayor Randy Roach. There will be slides shown over the orchestra, photographs of Toussaint, and in the second part photographs that will go in conjunction with A Lincoln Portrait," explained Appleby.

And while it's a short-time to get ready, Smith says, it's worth it.

"It really did make my dream come true," said Smith.

Smith is also a student of Gottschalk at Rice University.

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